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2024 Listings: Friday, June 21st

The Resurrected Waffle

The Resurrected Waffle is a rock based, hip hop infused musical duo from Miami, FL. Founding members are Resurrection, on guitars, vocals, and keyboards, and Edwaffle, on vocals, percussions, and production. What began as a performance at an open mic out in Miami one night in March 2017, has evolved into a electric duet of contrasting musical styles. After many underground shows to sharpen their skills, their upcoming debut single, “Sanctuary”, stands as a testament to their honest and pure song writing. Electric guitar leads, solos, solid rhythm, a sweet yet groovy bassline, provides the perfect foundation for Eddy,Edwaffle to shine with his crooning, baritone voice. Resurrection too, having found his ideal tonal range, unleashes melodic vocals, and a powerful rap scheme that would make any MC proud.

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