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Niuver is a unique talent, blending Cuban and French cultures with son and chanson, and a velvety voice. Born in Bolondrón, Matanzas, Cuba, her musical roots were nurtured by her uncle Pablo Quevedo. At 11, she moved to a music school in Matanzas, and at 15, she entered Havana's National School of Arts, taking up the lute. Her career flourished with performances in Cuba and abroad. In Spain, she defied stereotypes and impressed audiences, later integrating into France's jazz scene. Collaborations with international artists led to her debut solo album, "Quiéreme Mucho." Signing with Sony Music France, her second album "Trasnochando" (2012) featured various Parisian musicians. Niuver’s performances spanned Europe and beyond. In 2020, she moved to Miami to release her third album, "Vivir," produced by Latin Grammy winner Yadam González, blending guajira son with French chanson, jazz, and bossa nova.

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